CFClient – Notifications

In this blog I will cover notification functionality provided with CFClient feature of Adobe ColdFusion 11. Notification refers to visual, audible and tactile device notifications. CFClient provides four types of notifications Alert – displays a dialog box to user with Continue reading

ColdFusion Builder 2 Extensions – Understanding Callback Commands

CallBack commands in ColdFusion Builder 2 Extensions make it possible to 1) Get data other than the context in which extension menu was clicked 2) Get additional data/info. required to generate code/any other task while in execution of handler CFM Continue reading

How to contribute to code assist from Extensions

One of new feature in ColdFusion Builder 2 is the ability to contribute to code assist using extensions. This means that code assist proposals can be contributed using CFML. This allows users to create extensions which provide editor support for Continue reading

How to enforce coding guide lines using CFML Code Formatter

It’s common when working in a team to have specific coding standards or coding style. What’s difficult is to adhere to these coding standards and to enforce these within a team. CFML code formatter in ColdFusion Builder 2 is just Continue reading