What To Bring On A Boat Party

Are you nervous about the upcoming yarra river cruises christmas party and do not know what to bring along with you? There is no need to worry as you have come to the right place. When it comes to packing for a boat party, you need to keep things simple. It would be weird if you carry loads of accessories and clothing with you. The following things should be taken to a boat party.

1. Beauty/ Skincare Products

When you attend a boat party during the day, getting sunburned is likely. With all the humidity and heat, you must go prepared. This is why you need to carry beauty/ skincare products with you to minimize the impact of the sun. Make sure to bring sunscreen along. A sun block that is old-based and has 30 to 40 SPF should be sufficient. It will help ensure that you do not get a sunburn. The sunscreen would protect the skin from harmful UV rays. As for beauty products, you should not go overboard. You will sweat your eyes out that you would not be able to apply much makeup. Thus, you only need to bring your favorite foundation, lipstick, and compact along. 

2. Take Some Extra Clothes

The dress code at a boat party is always casual, this is especially true for river cruises christmas party melbourne. Hence, you should wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You do not need to wear something formal as you need to enjoy the cruise without having to worry about your outfit. Keep things casual by packing a tank top or baggy t-shirt and bring some extra clothes along. Avoid wearing skin-tight bottoms as they will make you feel uncomfortable. As for whites, they should not be worn. You do not want to spill drinks on your shirt. Moreover, you should always be careful when around someone who is wearing white clothes. You might think about bringing heels along but they will make it hard for you to enjoy your time on the boat. Do bring your favorite sunglasses.

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3. Prepare For A Swim

A christmas party boat cruises in melbourne is incomplete without a swim in the water. This is why you need to prepare for a swim. You can either pack a complete swimsuit or a pair of shorts. Do not take one piece as you never know if you might end up needing an alternative. Pack at least two pairs of shorts.

4. Motion Sickness Can Be A Huge Menace

Motion sickness can easily ruin the vibe. Thus, you should consider getting motion sickness elastic bands. They help place pressure on pressure points around the wrists to decrease the sickness. When you wear a sickness elastic band, you have nothing to worry about.

5. First Aid Kit

Finally, you should also bring a first aid kit along. You never know when a mishap might happen. To stay on the safe side, you need to pack your first aid kit.


Have the time of your life at a boat party by considering what you need to bring along with you on your trip.