What are Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that uses concentrated light to permanently eliminate unwanted hair. It targets hair follicles, which are small cavities in the skin. The laser’s focus causes heat, which damages the hair follicles, permanently removing them. The best candidates for laser hair removal are people with dark hair.

Laser hair removal Seattle is most effective on facial hair. The laser targets the dark pigment in the hair follicles and destroys them on contact. The procedure is quick and painless, and it requires no downtime. Treatments typically take one to five minutes. The number of sessions required to permanently remove hair varies depending on the area and skin type.

Before laser hair removal, patients should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid tanning beds. Sun exposure can cause a skin reaction and make the laser hair removal procedure less effective. It can also increase the risk of pigmentation problems in the treated areas. Before getting the procedure, people should avoid sun exposure for at least six weeks.

Before getting laser hair removal, patients should consult with their physician and discuss the risks and benefits. Side effects of laser hair removal can include skin darkening or lightening, which mainly affects those with darker skin. In addition, the treatment can lead to crusting, blisters, and even scarring. Additionally, laser hair removal should not be performed on eyebrows or eyelids, as it can cause damage to the eye and can cause pain.

The number of treatments required varies from person to person, but can range from two to six sessions. The number of sessions also depends on the area being treated and the growth rate of hair. However, it is important to schedule sessions four to ten weeks apart to ensure optimal results. While laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure, it is a long-term process.

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Laser hair removal and facials Kirkland in New York is a leader in the field of laser hair removal, and they use the most advanced equipment and the most experienced clinicians. The Lumenis LightSheer laser treatment is available at medi spa Seattle and botox Seattle. Patients can schedule appointments online or by calling the office to get started. They are also happy to accept care credit card payments.

Laser hair removal does not work for everyone, but for most people, they only need two to six sessions to completely remove hair from their face. The hair that re-grows is much lighter and finer. In addition, it will grow back in a different color and may require a couple of maintenance treatments over the next few months.

Laser hair removal is often repeated if desired. The sessions can take anywhere from four to eight weeks for areas that grow quickly to ten or twelve weeks for areas with slow hair growth. Because hair growth occurs in cycles, patients should plan for multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.