Some useful Keyboard shortcuts

Here are few useful editor shortcuts when using ColdFusion Builder

  • Toggle between source and preview tabs
              Press Ctrl+Page Down to navigate to next tab
               (eg. from source to preview)
              Press Ctrl+Page up to navigate to previous tab 
              (eg. from preview to source)
  • To navigate between all open documents in editor
             Press Ctrl+F6. Keep Keys pressed and select any open file with 
             arrow keys or using mouse.
            Or alternatively Press Ctrl+E to get drop down list of open files
            to select from. If this list is too big, you can just type first 
            few letters of file name and the list will get filtered automatically.
  • To quick select any currently open View
           Press Ctrl + F7. Keep keys pressed and select available views through 
           arrow keys or using mouse.
  • Quick Outline view
           Press Ctrl+O to get quick outline view for cuttently open document.

At any time you want to change these default keys, you can do this via Preferences->General->Keys preference page.

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